Meaning + Healing Properties of Obsidian:

△ Deep Soul Healing △ Growth △ Grounding △ Energy Protection

△ Dispels Negative Energy △ Honesty

Obsidian is a Root Chakra crystal, known for its ability to pull the truth out of just about anyone or anything (including yourself - even when you think you’ve done a good job of ignoring it!). Obsidian, as a truth-seeking crystal, is associated so heavily with honesty and bluntness that it tends to bring to the surface all of the darkness you may have tried to keep hidden deep within yourself.

Trauma. Fear. Anxiety. Depression. Anger. Addiction.

Obsidian brings ALL of it to the surface. While that may seem really scary... it also presents you with a great opportunity to heal all of the deep-rooted issues that may be causing you a Root Chakra blockage.

Obsidian is also useful in releasing negative energy and protecting you and your space against it.