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Y O U R   V I B R A T I O N

What's good for the Spirit...

Spirit Gypsy is the coming together of spirit and rustic chic. Come visit us for a carefully curated selection of crystals, books, and candles. Our goal is to connect you with products that not only soothe your soul, but just feel right.

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Higher Vibrations?

quartz crystal grid


Heal your energy and watch as the world presents opportunities you never thought possible.

Positivity. Clarity. Awakening. Vibration.

Ametrine tumbled healing stone in abalone shell surrounded by amethyst and citrine clusters

Crystal Healing?

Blog posts

Guest Post: Manifestation with Vika Bradford

Guest Post: Manifestation with Vika Bradford

    Manifestation with Vika Bradford My name is Vika Bradford and I am a Mindset Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Energy Guide. I am obsessed with ...
Autumn Crystal Edit

Autumn Crystal Edit

△ With Autumn well on it’s way, it’s time to give some thought about how you want to finish off the year. Autumn is always a time of self-reflec...
Self-Care Season

Self-Care Season

  △△△ September is always a brutal reminder that summer is fast coming to a close. I've always considered myself a "summer girl", I just love...

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