Citrine: The Light Maker Crystal

  • Spirit
  • 30 September, 2020
Citrine, also known as the Light Maker crystal, has gorgeous sunshine and honey hues that harness the energy of light. The crystal healing properties of this stone are extremely beneficial for those searching to bring more happiness, positivity, success and confidence into their lives. Read More

Manifestation: Using Crystals to Achieve Your Goals

  • Spirit
  • 30 August, 2020

We know that manifesting can be a powerful tool when used to bring our positive thoughts and desires to reality, but have you considered incorporating crystals into your manifestation practice?

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ENERGY: 4 Ways to Incorporate Crystals into Your Daily Life

  • Spirit
  • 06 July, 2020
Crystals are powerful and, when they are incorporated into your daily life, can produce significant changes to your well-being. Here are some great ways to keep crystal energy with you throughout the day. Read More