Smokey Quartz Generator - Unique Specimen

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Smoky Quartz is the ultimate crystal for emotional healing and protection. Smoky Quartz has a darker pigment than Clear Quartz – ranging anywhere from just a hint of brown “smoke” to dark, almost black colour. Smoky Quartz gets its colouring from silicon dioxide, produced during the natural radiation that takes place deep within the Earth.

Smoky Quartz endures this tough irradiation process and becomes one of the fiercest healing crystals that we have. We can each harness the strength of Smoky Quartz, and borrow its power when we begin our journey to healing our body, soul, and spirit. Smoky Quartz is known especially for its ability to detoxify, which makes it an important stone for those who are looking to overcome addictions, or break negative life cycles.

Smoky Quartz can aid you in releasing negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, and irritability. Keep this crystal around when you are going through times of turmoil. It helps to open your root chakra, grounding your energy and bringing you strength. Smoky Quartz is the crystal you need when you are being called to let go of the things no longer serving you.

This piece is very unique and features an imprint or key - terms used for the shape of the indent, which is used to unlock information or finding the answer to a question. 

Generators are perfect for amplifying your energy in any room. Crystal generators have pointed centres that direct energy and focus it upwards, projecting the energy outwards.  Smokey Quartz Generators are especially powerful in healing and protection, as they dispel negativity in a powerful way.

Healing and Metaphysical Properties:

△ Grounding

△ Protection

△ Awareness

△ Positive Thinking

△ Eliminates Worry

△ Relieves Anxiety


This piece is 6” tall, 2.5” wide and 2” deep.

Origin: Brazil

Chakra: Root