Amethyst - Unique Specimen #5
$71.00 CAD


Beautiful druzy Amethyst crystal clusters glitter with untold amounts of high vibrational healing energy. This piece is 1.06 kilograms (2.34 lbs) with dimensions of 10.5 cm (4.25”) across, 6.5 cm (2.5”) wide and 12 cm (4.75”) tall.  

Add Amethyst to your space to gently unlock your Crown and Third Eye Chakras.

Amethyst has been a highly valued crystal for most of history. Although considered to be a semi-precious stone today, Amethyst, with its deeply saturated purple crystals has always been highly sought after, and for good reason.

Amethyst holds powerful energy, although it can seem much gentler than some other crystals. Amethyst is known for the tranquility that it brings and for the peaceful energy that it produces. Amethyst is helpful in reducing anxiety and is an aid in clearing the mind during meditation.

This crystal is also great for relief from any sleep disturbances and hyperactivity of the brain as it brings calmness to its surroundings. These properties make Amethyst a great natural stress reliever.

Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Amethyst:

△ Relieves Stress

△ Positive Transformation

△ Tranquility

△ Energy Protection

△ Balance 

△ Communication


This piece weighs 1.06 kilograms (2.34 lbs).

Dimensions: H: 12 cm (4.75”) x L: 10.5 cm (4.25”) x W: 6.5 cm (2.5”) 

Origin: Brazil

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown