Properties and Meaning of Angelite



Properties of Angelite 

Origin: Mexico
Chakra: Crown, Throat


Intro to Angelite 

Just like its name suggests, Angelite is the Crystal of Angels.

Angelite is said to promote communication with your ancestors, angels and spirit guides alike. These qualities also make Angelite especially useful in  metaphysics, in channelling and mediumship.

This crystal has the power to bring calmness, and soothe you - especially in times of grief or mourning. There is a peacefulness in the energy of Angelite that allows you to really find stillness and serenity in your body and in the space that surrounds you. 

Angelite, like most crystals that are blue in colour, can also be helpful in general communication. It can help you to communicate in a way that is eloquent,  level-headed, and clear.

Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Angelite:

△ Communication

△ Peace

△ Tranquility

△ Grief

△ Channeling

△ Angels + Spirit Guides





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