Properties of Amazonite

Origin: Brazil
Chakra: Heart, Throat


Intro to Amazonite


Amazonite is a stone that both calms the spirit and soothes the soul. You will find your calmness in Amazonites understanding energy. This is the vibration that will guide you towards learning how to see something from a different perspectives. 

Amazonite is known to help relieve stress and heal trauma by increasing genuine communication. Amazonite helps you to open your Throat Chakra to allow your truth to be communicated in a way that feels calm and unobtrusive. Expressing the pent up emotions surrounding trauma can be vital to truly feeling at peace.

When your journey requires balance and harmony, keep Amazonite close to your heart and it might just provide you with both. 

Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Amazonite:

△ Relieves Stress

△ Heals Trauma

△ Balance

△ Awakens Compassion

△ Harmony

△ Communication






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