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Quartz Pendant - Spirit Gypsy SOLD OUT!
$20.00 CAD
Quartz points are powerful crystals that cleanse and purify energy, intensify and amplify healing and aid manifestation efforts. These quartz point pendants allow you to keep these powerful crystals on you always. Each quartz pendant is...
Citrine Pendant - Spirit Gypsy
$26.99 CAD
Citrine pendants can help you guard against negative energy and allow happiness to break through. A citrine pendant is the perfect way to activate with your solar plexus chakra, paving the way for prosperity and creativity to...
Labradorite Pendant - Spirit Gypsy SOLD OUT!
$25.00 CAD
Are you ready for a spiritual awakening? Labradorite is said to bring out your inner magic, and bring on powerful transformation. Labradorite has a special "flash" which is sure to draw attention.  Each pendant features...
Druzy Agate Pendant - Spirit Gypsy
$24.99 CAD
Keep your crystals close to your heart always! Druzy Agate Pendants are electroplated in your choice of silver or gold. Each pendant is unique, just like you.  Healing and Metaphysical Properties: △ Spiritual Protection △ Good...